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Friday, June 18, 2010

10 Ways To Survive The Crisis And Avoid A Heart Attack.



The situation really sucks right now. An average person is about to have a heart attack. We cannot believe the news and we wish that all that we hear were just fantasy. The economy came to an unbelievable point, and the stock market of life is crashing. We are all in despair. What can we do now?

1)      First, calm your ass down - Do not panic. You will need all your strength to survive the difficult days ahead. If you can stay cool, you will keep your sanity, which will help you to manage the situation and be creative to find the ultimate opportunity hidden behind the crisis.

2)      Do not be an ass just because you are unhappy – Do not allow yourself to mistreat the people you love, or even the strangers, because you are feeling horrible.  Be polite and act as if you were sorry because you know that everybody else is hurting as well.

3)      Cut the crap - Stop listening to the news. Misery likes company. Do not go for it.

4)      Do not be a knucklehead – stop insisting on materialism. Start finding pleasure in simple things. Go for a walk in a park, read a good book, find fun in the company of your friends.

5)      Do not leave space for self-commiseration. It is not always about you. The whole world is in pain; there is no peace anywhere and you will help a lot if you maintain your mental health. Again, be creative.

6)      Be very careful about your drug intake just to relax or avoid reality. If you get too addicted to the drug of your choice, you will create a huge problem for yourself.  When the crisis is gone, you will not enjoy anything anymore because your life will be wasted.

7)       Do not be so harsh with life. We do not need to be aggressive right now. We need to take it ease and rethink things in general.

8)      Be disgusted with yourself for loving plastic so much and not wanting to give up on any commodity, whose basic material is polluting and killing the planet earth. Be ashamed of the inheritance you are living for the next generation.

9)      Reverse your values. People are more important than things. Spend more time with your family. Nurture friendships. Send a message of love and encouragement through the internet to everybody alive.

10)  Humble yourself before God. Stop running after religion like a crazy chicken trying to find solutions in people and in vain philosophies. Get quiet and put your hope in Him who is bigger than your problems. You will know that you are not alone

            If none of these thing works for you, call me. I’ll cheer you up.


  1. Hi Dear!
    Voltei faz algum tempo de Santa Fe.
    tenho muito material para postar de várias viagens que fiz ao Novo Mexico...talvez demore uns meses para organizar esse material
    Vou para NY e Santa Fe em Abril, quem sabe, se der certo, vou a San Diego que não conheço ainda.

  2. Oi Maria, as imagens não são minhas, algumas pego na net, outras são de amigos que permitem o uso. Suas imagens são lindas, parabéns. Já que ofereceu, qualquer dia usarei suas imagens com os devidos créditos, é claro, e te avisarei antes.

    Meu beijo e também te sigo.