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My work is the fruit of who I am. Does not matter if I like it or not, I am an artist. It comes from an intrinsic need..it is my imagination pulsing to come alive... I create an image and call that the essence of my soul and allege that it is just enough to explain everything else in my whole life. Now at this stage of my existence, I am far away from the time when these things may caused me embarrassment. What? An artist? What do you mean by that? I mean an artist, just an artist It is simple like that.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Sparrows And The Japanese Ladies

       The Winter Sparrows And The Japanese Ladies

I consider this one my master piece. It is an amazing piece of art that made itself , took me more than two months to finish it, but more than a year to consider it done. My friend Bob Littler gave the wood canvas and I hung it on the wall in front of my work bench. I was planning to look at it everyday till I find the image that was hiding behind the emptiness. I knew for sure it was birds, I just didn't know what kind they were, and if they would come in flocks or just a lonely one. Everyday day I looked at it intensively searching for shapes and forms trying to get a grip of my imagination. One day for nothing I got a brown charcoal and started to put uneven oval shapes here and there, and then I got the black charcoal and pinched the wood on the top of those shapes. It was so simple, so unworried, and quite quick. I let it rest for some time and when I was sure that all the birds had come, I applied acrylic painting on the top of the charcoal
Two months later, the great photographer David Spencer named it “The Chickadees”, after some time he came back to my studio to tell me that they were actually sparrows and changed the name for “The Sparrows”. A year later a nice lady that came to the open studios at the Plain St art show in Rockland ,Boston, approached me to say  that she loved my Japanese ladies. I was intrigued and asked her to show me where she saw them. She pointed me the little birds; explained to me that the Japanese ladies that she was seeing, were dressing with their kimonos, going up to the temple. It was a bizarre experience seeing the two faces of this painting for the first time, and then I officially announced that a master piece had been born, and I named it The Sparrows And The Japanese Ladies.


  1. I like your painting very much! The manner in which you painted it and the whole style of your work.

  2. What can i say ....
    the emotions come to me...so this is a sign that my eyes are not wrong...there is something very very especial in this piece.
    I want birds flying in my room :)