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My work is the fruit of who I am. Does not matter if I like it or not, I am an artist. It comes from an intrinsic need..it is my imagination pulsing to come alive... I create an image and call that the essence of my soul and allege that it is just enough to explain everything else in my whole life. Now at this stage of my existence, I am far away from the time when these things may caused me embarrassment. What? An artist? What do you mean by that? I mean an artist, just an artist It is simple like that.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How I Met The Birds

It is an amazing story how I came to paint the birds:

In one of those delicious summer in Brazil I went to a trip to a paradise town called Prado (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSvktYZxDvA&feature=related) in the state of Bahia.( http://www.pradobahiabrasil.com.br/praias.html) There I met a strange artist that was living in one of the most amazing beaches in the world, in a exquisite round house (designed by himself) decorated with glasses and mirrors with surreal effects that allowed you to see the ocean on the front porch and the woods on the back yard in the same time. Did not matter where you were in the house you could see everything, everywhere; even the sunrise and sunset on both places. Besides living in that stunning place that man only painted birds. I tried to understand that bizarre creature and painted one bird just to have a taste of it, I had the need to check if I could see something else beyond a picture of a silly bird that a strange man dedicated his life to. Then… I never could stop doing it anymore…


  1. there is something about the freedon of the birds that arrest us ....
    wonderful work , by the way ...
    it is wonderful to have met you Maria .
    always a pleasure to meet a sensitive , smart and talented person like you . and how come are you so beautiful ?
    any way...
    thank you for your lovely coment of suport on Mein Welt . it meant a lot to me . you have no idea .
    all the best to you .
    see you !!

  2. Thanks Caio, your blog is really nice. Beautiful is in the eyes of the beholder anyway. Love

  3. thanks for the kind comments on my blog,
    my galleries wish I was more confident and less humble -
    I love you profile - a lovely face to draw!